Contrarian Income Report Review: Is The Newsletter Worth It? (2024)

Contrarian Income Report Review: Is The Newsletter Worth It? (1)

Investing is always a challenging prospect and is one that requires a deep understanding of the various nuances of the market. Many people try and fail to get a handle on this prospect every year and never quite get it right. As a result, they may turn to investment newsletters like Contrarian Outlook and Contrarian Income Report to understand better strategies for building their net worth.

In this article, we'll provide an in-depth Contrarian Outlook andContrarian Income Report reviewthat examines what it does, how it works, your potential earnings, and the downsides of this investment strategy. By the time you're finished reading through this article, you'll better understand how these resources can help you boost your balance and make your financial goals easier to obtain.

Get Ready To Start With Contrarian Income Report

Examining Contrarian Outlook and Contrarian Income Report

What IsContrarian Outlook? It is a financial research company that publishes multiple letters and newsletters that provide high-quality investment advice and commentary on multiple strategic approaches. The term “contrarian investing” refers to going against the grain of the market and choosing investment strategies that take advantage of unique and unlikely strategies.

Warren Buffet is one highly successful contrarian investment expert. He has continually done things that don't make sense to other investors, such as buying only into low-valued companies with long-term success. The general market method is to buy early into potentially successful companies and hope that they make it big. Buffet bucks that trend by buying only well-established stocks: and it's earned him billions.

Contrarian Outlook provides in-depth and independently researched newsletters that examine strategies like these and much more to help their subscribers get detailed and effective ideas for investing their money. This is not an investment firm in the traditional sense because they don't invest your money for you but provide newsletters that make investing a simple prospect.

Contrarian Income Report isone of their most popular newsletters, one that focuses on helping people retire well by earnings dividends each month with potential capital gains. This premium newsletter includes a variety of regularly updated strategies that make it well worth looking into for those interested in investment.

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What Exactly are Contrarian Strategies?

Before providing an in-depthContrarian Income Report review, we think it's a good idea to look at some contrarian strategies. While not all methods suggested by Contrarian Outlook and Contrarian Income Report fall under this heading, it is still important to know exactly what this term means to ensure that you can invest smartly and get the dividends that you want and deserve.Contrarian investment strategiesrequire:

  • Intense Market Research – Successful contrarian strategies long-term market research that carefully examines how the market trends up and down over the long term.
  • Long-Term Thinking – A lot of investment focuses on fast and high-yield earnings. Contrarian strategies prefer long-term thinking for stocks that are likely to rise.
  • A Willingness to Wait – Warren Buffet once said that people who weren't willing to own a stock for 10 years shouldn't buy stocks. Contrarian investors must be patient to succeed.
  • Turning Negatives Into Positives – When depressions and recessions hit, contrarian investors swoop into the market and buy heavily, knowing the market will eventually bounce back.

Contrarian Outlook and Contrarian Income Report help investors identify usable strategies and integrate them into their long-term investment portfolio. They focus heavily on the long-term and knowing when to tap into a market and when to tap out. It is this kind of intelligent investing that has helped make their advice among the most respected and renowned in the world.

An In-DepthContrarian Income Report Review

Contrarian Income Report is just one element of Contrarian Outlook, albeit one of its most popular features. The Chief Strategist is Brett Owens, a respected investment professional who provides multiple services on Contrarian Outlook. These include not just Contrarian Income Report but Hidden Yields and Dividend Swing Trader. For now, let's focus just on Contrarian Income Report.

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Who is Brett Owens and Why Should You Trust Him?

Brett Owensis an innovative investment professional who was literally trading stocks for profit while attending Cornell University. After earning an Operations Research and Industrial Engineering degree, he co-founded two software companies that helped him earn a heady net worth. Owens then took the money he made in software and started focusing on a dividend-paying investment strategy.

Owens developed this investment strategy after studying contrarian investors like Warren Buffet. It focuses on a calculated contrarian approach, including identifying income-paying stocks when yields are at their highest and the downside is at its lowest. This method requires complex research and understanding how the market reacts and overreacts to natural financial corrections.

This method helped make Owens a lot of money and made him a respected investment expert in his field. He started the Contrarian Income Report to help the average population better understand this strategy and implement it in their lives. His goal is to make contrarian investing simpler and to provide readers with the tools necessary to improve their accounts in negative economic downturns.

Contrarian Income Report is his primary method for achieving this goal. Though Hidden Yields and Dividend Swing Trader can help provide steady income (including total returns of 15% or more), Income Report provides stabler and safer strategies with minimal risk. It's an option that likely works best for first-time investors.

What You Get With Contrarian Income Report

People who sign up for this newsletter pay $39 to $99 (depending on available sales on membership) for a yearly subscription that includes multiple features and amenities. The first two months are risk-free and include a money-back guarantee.

If you don't like what you get with Contrarian Income Report, you can get your payment back with no questions asked. Your subscription will include the following features, each of which is designed to suit specific investment needs.

Monthly Research Bulletins

On every first Friday of the month, you getmonthly research bulletinsfocused on the latest high-yield opportunities. These come in your email inbox and include updates on previous investments Owens recommended. This information provides users with a better understanding of their potential success.

Each bulletin is in-depth and written by Owens himself, featuring multiple investment suggestions. In this way, you don't have to do the challenging research that contrarian investing usually requires. Instead, you can rely on a professional who understands far more than you.

Ready to Give Contrarian Outlook a Try?

Monthly Payer Portfolio

Each month, Owens will send you a portfolio of investment options likely to make at least 4% dividends. That's the rate most experts believe provides a steady retirement income. Each option in this portfolio has been carefully researched to ensure that you won't lose money.

They are also designed as more of a long-term investment option. Remember: contrarian investment embraces such future-based investment strategies to ensure that you continually earn income. While the options here might seem unlikely, they're centered around that type of strategy.

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Flash Alerts

Sometimes, the market can change so fast that it requires immediate investing to take advantage of its changes. For example, a great dividend-earning stock may temporarily plummet after bad news, which makes it easy to swoop in and buy up a good number of these stocks.

Contrarian Income Report includes flash alerts that indicate when a change in the market could be used to your advantage. These alerts also include bad news, meaning that you can adapt to the market and change your strategy based on these problematic changes.

24/7 Members Website

When you subscribe to this report, you get access to a password-protected site with intense security features that protect your financial information. It provides you with information that goes beyond Owens' monthly and weekly reports to ensure you stay on top of all investment strategies.

This website includes current and pastContrarian Income Reportissues, special bonus reports, and the No-Withdrawal Portfolio. However, one thing that you can't do is interact with other members and learn more about various investment strategies that they've created based on each report.

Quarterly Webinars

Every three months, Brett Owens hosts a live webinar with subscribing members, one that includes his current portfolio recommendations. This live chat lets you interact with Owens, learn more about investing strategies, and even pose questions to him that he'll answer for you.

This unique benefit is particularly popular because it gives investors the chance to put a face to the name. Owens uses these webinars to provide more information about his newsletters, as well, which helps expand your ability to invest successfully in various stocks.

Other Unique Amenities

Beyond the benefits mentioned above, you also get many more features when subscribing to the Contrarian Income Report. These include extra reports that keep you updated on changes in the market and much more. Just a few of the most popular of these amenities include:

  • Weekly Market Analysis – You also get weekly briefs that highlight changes in the market and second-level details on various stocks so that you can jump on them when the getting is good.
  • Model Portfolio – The model portfolio includes an in-depth look at all of Contrarian Income Report's current investment positions and provides details on each stock they've suggested.
  • Customer Support – Investors who buy a Contrarian Income Report subscription get access to a dedicated customer support team that can help manage many concerning issues.
  • Monthly Dividend Superstars – Owens includes this special report on the top three high-yielding dividend plays of the year to give you an idea of what strategies work.

Beyond these features, you also get access to reports like Best of Both Worlds, which includes fixed-income funds Owens believes will improve, as well as The Dirty Dozen, a list of 12 dividend stocks that you need to sell. Owens also provides guides forsecond-level investingor how to use his strategies to create deeper and more effective investment methods.

Is Contrarian Income Report Worth Your Investment? Pros and Cons

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The purpose of Contrarian Income Report is to help people achieve a monthly yield of 7% each month. Does it achieve that goal? That depends on your approach, how the market moves, and when you take its advice. Generally speaking, the advice offered in Contrarian Income Report is consistent and good. If you're still on the fence about this service, here are a few of the pros and cons of this service.

Pros of This Service

  • Multiple useful guides that help improve your investing portfolio
  • Regularly identifies undervalued stocks that work well for contrarian strategies
  • Focuses on creating a monthly dividend stream that may help you retire early
  • The quarterly webinars provide detailed and beneficial information
  • Very high ratings from customers who've used this service in the past
  • Proven track success using methods that worked for Owens and others

Cons of This Service

  • No social aspect, meaning you can't chat or interact with others on forums
  • Minimal coverage of options or futures, which may limit its appeal to some
  • It requires regular engagement to succeed with this approach
  • There's no guarantee that these strategies will work for your portfolio

User Reviews of Contrarian Outlook

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Final Thoughts

We covered a lot of bases in ourContrarian Income Report review. In the end, we find that it is a good resource for anyone who is serious about investing. While there's no guarantee that any of the suggestions that Owens provides will work for you, he clearly understands the market well and has made a lot of money investing in various stocks using these techniques.

Make sure that you carefully read through our review, examine the features provided by Contrarian Income Report, and decide if it's worth the $39-99 investment for you. Note that this price is a yearly subscription rate. First-time subscribers get the $39 rate, while you'll pay $99 for each year after. If that sounds like a good trade off for you, we recommend signing up for the two-month risk-free trial and seeing where it takes you.

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As an expert in financial markets and investment strategies, I can attest to the importance of understanding the complexities involved in investing. The article discusses Contrarian Outlook and Contrarian Income Report as resources for building wealth through contrarian investing. Let me break down the key concepts used in the article:

  1. Contrarian Investing:

    • Definition: Contrarian investing involves going against the prevailing market trends and adopting unique and unlikely investment strategies.
    • Example: Warren Buffet is mentioned as a successful contrarian investor who focuses on low-valued, well-established stocks, deviating from the general market approach.
  2. Contrarian Outlook:

    • Description: Contrarian Outlook is a financial research company providing high-quality investment advice and commentary through newsletters that focus on contrarian investment strategies.
    • Function: It publishes letters and newsletters that offer detailed and independently researched insights into various investment approaches.
  3. Contrarian Income Report:

    • Overview: Contrarian Income Report is a popular newsletter under Contrarian Outlook, primarily managed by Brett Owens.
    • Purpose: It focuses on helping individuals retire well by earning monthly dividends with potential capital gains, emphasizing stable and safe investment strategies.
  4. Contrarian Strategies:

    • Requirements:
      • Intense Market Research: Successful contrarian strategies involve in-depth, long-term market research to understand market trends.
      • Long-Term Thinking: Contrarian investors prefer a long-term approach, looking for stocks likely to rise over time.
      • Willingness to Wait: Patience is crucial, as contrarian investors must be willing to hold stocks for an extended period.
      • Turning Negatives Into Positives: Contrarian investors seize opportunities during market downturns, anticipating eventual market recovery.
  5. Brett Owens:

    • Background: Brett Owens is the Chief Strategist at Contrarian Outlook, known for his innovative investment approach.
    • Expertise: He gained experience trading stocks while attending Cornell University and developed a dividend-paying investment strategy inspired by contrarian investors like Warren Buffet.
  6. Contrarian Income Report Features:

    • Monthly Research Bulletins: In-depth monthly bulletins provide insights into high-yield opportunities, helping subscribers understand potential success.
    • Monthly Payer Portfolio: A portfolio of investment options designed to yield at least 4% dividends each month, focusing on long-term stability.
    • Flash Alerts: Immediate alerts for market changes, allowing subscribers to adapt their investment strategy accordingly.
    • 24/7 Members Website: Access to a secure website with reports, bonus content, and the No-Withdrawal Portfolio.
    • Quarterly Webinars: Live webinars every three months where Brett Owens shares current portfolio recommendations and interacts with subscribers.
  7. Pros and Cons:

    • Pros:
      • Useful guides for improving investment portfolios.
      • Regular identification of undervalued stocks suitable for contrarian strategies.
      • Focus on creating a monthly dividend stream for potential early retirement.
    • Cons:
      • Lack of a social aspect and interaction with other members.
      • Minimal coverage of options or futures, potentially limiting appeal.
      • Regular engagement required for success.
  8. User Reviews:

    • The article mentions very high ratings from customers who have used Contrarian Income Report, suggesting a proven track record of success.

In conclusion, Contrarian Income Report, as discussed in the article, appears to be a valuable resource for serious investors interested in contrarian strategies. It offers a range of features and amenities, but potential subscribers should carefully consider the pros and cons to determine if it aligns with their investment goals.

Contrarian Income Report Review: Is The Newsletter Worth It? (2024)


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