30 Delicious Apple Recipes - Celebrate & Decorate (2024)

30 Delicious Apple Recipes - Celebrate & Decorate (1)


ByChloe Crabtree

Fall is apple time and before it arrives, you might want to consider some of these wonderful apple recipes. There are sweet treats and savory eats, a beverage and a soup. Find your favorite and click on the link below the picture to get the recipe for these great apple treats.

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  1. Thanks for including me in this wonderful roundup. I see a lot of recipes I’d like to try 🙂


  2. Yum! Now I’m really looking forward to apple season!
    Thanks for sharing our Fried Apples!


    1. I was happy to share these, I plan on trying these myself this apple season!


  3. I’m going to hold on to summer as long as I can but take comfort in the fact that it will be apple season. Thanks for featuring my fried pies.


    1. You are welcome, Sandra. They look wonderful! I am going to try all of these recipes this Fall!


  4. Thanks for including my Apple Pancakes in your round up, Chloe! Everything looks so delicious, I can’t wait to try out some of these recipes!


    1. You are welcome, Leia. These will be on my breakfast table one Saturday morning in September!


  5. Drooling over all these, especially the apple butter ribs, wow! And then I saw my pumpkin apple soup! Thank you!! This is a great and timely round up, I think everyone is really for a little fall~


    1. I was so happy to include your soup! I am planning on trying each and every one of these before the end of September!


  6. Thank you so much for including my Caramel Apple Cookies! You found so many incredible treats. They’re all making me crave crunchy leaves and cozy fall weather, but it’s still 95° where I live!


    1. Amy, those cookies look so delicious, I had to include them! I will be trying them out in September, myself!


  7. New follower on a couple of your social media sites via Social Media Mixer 12!! Hope you’ll stop by my blog sometime too 🙂 Thanks!!


    1. Dorothy, thanks for stopping by, heading over to check it out!


  8. Yum! thanks for all the recipes, wish we knew the nutrition value. Will try them anyways love love apples!


  9. Love this time of the year, Chloe, when apples are so plentiful. These are great recipes. The French Apple Cake looks just like what my Grandmother used to make from scratch…think I will try it!


    1. They are delicious, I have only tried a few of them!


  10. Thank you for these yummy apple recipes! My hubby and I both enjoy all types of apple pies, tarts and cakes – any time of the year too. I will definitely give some of these a go!


  11. Yummy, and at least I can say I’m eating fruit when I make a couple of these. LOL!


    1. Give me an apple and some cheese and I am a happy girl, but these are a great line up!


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30 Delicious Apple Recipes - Celebrate & Decorate (2024)


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